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"CyberMath 2050" is set in a dystopian future where a mega-corporation controls the city. Players, as mathematical geniuses, use an advanced Tech Gauntlet to hack into systems and solve puzzles, uncovering corporate secrets and conspiracies. Balancing action and intellect, they navigate through a technologically advanced but morally ambiguous world, using math as a tool for rebellion and discovery in their quest to expose the truth and bring freedom to the city.

Project Brief:

In my GADS7322 project, I tackled South Africa's mathematics education challenges. I designed an educational game, focusing on ideation and conceptualization in Part 1, and developed and refined it in Part 2. Employing UX/UI design and animation, I created an engaging, fun, and purposeful game that enhances math learning, blending entertainment with educational impact.

Roles and contributions:

As this was done as an individual project, I was tasked with completing everything that went into developing the game

Tools Used:

Unity, Visual Studio, C#, Blender, Photoshop

Process Work: 

Demo Video:

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