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Drainage Defenders Cover_edited.jpg

Drainage Defenders

"Drainage Defenders" is a unique 3D game that combines elements of management strategy and action. Set in Durban, players engage in  controlling workbots to manage stormwater drainage systems. The gameplay includes mission-based challenges, technological upgrades, and a block coding mechanic, blending environmental awareness with strategic problem-solving.

CyberMath 2050

"CyberMath 2050" is a sci-fi action-adventure game where players utilize basic, to intermediate, to advanced math skills and a high-tech Gauntlet to hack and unravel mysteries in a futuristic cityscape, blending educational elements with immersive gameplay.

Chess Engine Cover_edited_edited.jpg

Fire & Ice Chess Engine

A 3D chess simulation game, combining classic strategic chess play with advanced graphics. Players engage in traditional chess with the added immersion of 3D environments, experiencing both the intellectual challenge of chess and the visual appeal of modern gaming technology.

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