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Project Brief:

In "Drainage Defenders," players immerse themselves in the bustling city of Durban, South Africa, tasked with managing its critical stormwater systems. As environmental heroes, they navigate through intricate challenges, employing strategy and action to control workbots, tackle dynamic missions, and utilize innovative technology to safeguard the city against environmental hazards.

For our Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Module, we were tasked with researching and designing an ethical game under the theme "Games for Community Engagement". Building on the game design concept from the first semester, our group was required to develop this into a fully playable 3D game. This project involved not only the creative aspects of game design but also the technical challenges of game development. We focused on creating a game that not only entertains but also fosters community interaction and addresses relevant social issues, leveraging the immersive potential of 3D gaming environments to engage players more deeply.

Roles and contributions:

This was a group project in which I served as Team Leader, Lead Developer, Project Manager , SFX and VFX design

Group members

Yurav Rampurtab, Ayrin Govender, Johnathan Le Roux

Tools Used:

Unity, Visual Studio, C#, Blender

Process Work


Gameplay Demo Video:

Bot Programming Demo Video:

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