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In a far-off galaxy, on a world where mystic energies converge, a grand conflict unfolds in the form of Chess, the ultimate game of war. Two elemental forces, embodying Fire and Ice, engage in a titanic struggle for supremacy. Each move is a roll of the dice in this primal duel, a test of strategy and survival. As the game progresses, the question looms: will they triumph against all odds, or dissolve under the intense pressure of this elemental showdown? This is not just a game of kings, but a battle of elemental fury, where every move could be the difference between fiery victory and icy defeat.

Project Brief:

In my GADE7322 project, I constructed a 3D chess game engine using OpenGL and C++. It featured a unique, textured terrain chess board, custom 3D models, and dynamic lighting. The game offered a blend of strategy and interactive gameplay with animated chess pieces, enhanced by a versatile camera system for an immersive chess experience.

Roles and contributions:

As this was done as an individual project, I was tasked with completing everything that went into developing the game

Tools Used:

OpenGL, Visual Studio, C++, 3DS Max

Process Work: 

Chess Piece
Coding Again
Look and Feel

Demo Video:

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